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Lee Jun Ki pillow for sale! [May. 11th, 2008|04:49 pm]

I'm looking to sell my Lee Jun Ki pillow. $27 including shipping (for U.S. buyers), $3 more for international. Prices are always negotiable! My email is cherryhead926@yahoo.com . Please feel free to email if you have any questions!

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News Tshirt For Sale [Dec. 12th, 2007|11:35 pm]

I'm selling the News Spring Concert Tour 2006 Tshirt for $35 including shipping to anywhere!
Prices are always negotiable. Please email me at cherryhead926@yahoo.com .

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Lee Jun Ki Keychain for Sale [Nov. 30th, 2007|12:26 pm]


I recently bought this for myself, but i'm sooo broke right now so i'm selling it. It comes with all 8 pictures and one strap. Good Condition, and never been used before. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at cherryhead926@yahoo.com . Thanks.

$20.00 shipped anywhere (that's including shipping costs, and price is always negotiable).

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Yamashita Tomohisa + Other Items [Jul. 17th, 2007|10:12 pm]
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During the past year or so, i've bought many Yamapi items and accessories from various people. I don't remember what I bought from who, but most of the items that I want to sell are from LJ. I know that most of the things I want to sell is from May . I am not taking credit for other people's items and designs, but I need the money for college so i'm selling whatever I can. These are also not my personal pictures that I took, but I have to say that most of these are from May. If you want my personal pictures, please email me. If I disrespected anybody in anyway, please tell me. Thank you. Also, I accept concealed USD cash, and price is always negotiable. Plus, there is shipping cost as well, but we can figure that later. Please email me at cherryhead926@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

Please state your location, item, name and email. Thanks!!
Prices are slightly lowered, everything MUST go!!

Abacus Pendant (without chain). Sterling silver. Never been used/worn. Good condition. $12.00 (including shipping costs to anywhere in the U.S. - 2.00 more for international). Prices are negotiable.

(sorry for the bad picture. i took it with my laptop camera).

Yamapi Beadnecklace from Nobuta wo Produce, never been worn $10.00 Sold

School Bag, used it about two times(?) $10.00 

Yamapi Poker Cards, never been played or used with but the seal is open $8.00 SOLD

Abercrombie tote/bag, brand new with tags $10.00 SOLD

Yamashita Tomohisa 3Stone earring from Nobuta wo Produce. Never been worn. $12.00 

Goong Crown Necklace-Necklace chain not included. $9.00Sold

Yamapi Horn Pendent from Dragon Zakura (the one on his uniform) $10.00 Sold

Crown Necklace-chain is not included. It is mighty small, so i'm only selling it for $3.00 SOLD

Yamapi Hoop Earring from gYm. never been worn. $9.00 Sold

Yamapi Hand Bag-with his face and kanji name printed on the front. Used only once. $18.00
This bag was created by victoria aka
saturnianlove  and she was kind enough to let me re-use her pictures. SOLD

Crown Handbag. Probably fake leather-never been used before. $10.00 (more pictures available-if needed/requested. ) Sold

NewS: Sayaendo/Hadashi no Cinderella Boy CD
Been opened, but still in very good condition
Asking price $22.00 (I don't think they make this anymore-so its almost like limited edition?), but i'm willing to go for a lower price. 

Yamap's Y and Star necklace-combined (2 in 1).
Material: Gold Alloy. Never been worn or used before. $16.00

Yamapi Rose Stud Earring (during gYm; he wore this and the hoop earring together.)- Alloy. Never been worn. $9.00 Sold

Aeropostale Bags, Brand New with Tags.  $10.00

Another Aero Bag that can be reversible, also brand new with tags $10.00

Teddy Bear Earrings, Brand new still in plastic wrap, unworn. $6.00

Brown Handbag, Brand new with tags:never been used $10.00

Monokuro Boo bag, brand new-never been used before. The two pigs are actually real zippered pockets. $14.00  Sold

If you need to take a closer look, I can email you a bigger version.
Also, if you buy 5 sets, you get an additional set FREE!! buy 8 sets and get 2 additional sets free.
Minimum of purchasing at least 3 sets or more. (We can always work something out if there is a problem with that)

Only Yamapi Sets #1 and 17 are the only ones left. If you buy both, it's FREE SHIPPING !

Yamapi photo set #1 $4.00

Yamapi photo set #2 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #3 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #4 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #5 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #6 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #7 $5.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #8 $6.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #9 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #10 $5.00

Yamapi photo set # 11 $3.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #12 $5.00

Yamapi photo set #13 $4.00

New Photos
Yamapi photo set #14 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #15 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #16 $4.00 Sold

Yamapi photo set #17 $5.00

Yamapi Photo set #18 $4.00

Yamapi Photo set #19 $4.00 Sold
(sorry, for some reason, I can't get this one to rotate. Just tilt your head a little ^^)

Yamapi Combination $4.00 Sold

Yamapi wallet set #1 $3.00

Yamapi wallet set #2 $5.00 Sold

Yamapi wallet set #3 $5.00

News Concert tour 2006 T-shirt. Size XL. Never been worn. (its too big for me, thats why i never wore it) $30.00 (this includes shipping costs already, so it's only going to cost $30 even for US buyers ---- $35.00 for international.)

Brand New watch $5.00

Brand New Anklet (2in1-silver and gold), still in original package $3.00

Yamapi Star Necklace, Sterling Silver (Gold colored). Never been worn before. Will ship this item in a box. $75 (shipping cost is included already) We can always work something out. Sold

Hello Kitty bead set, brand new still in original package (2 in stock) $3.00 each.

Hello kitty bento box caring bag, brand new still in original package $3.00

If you buy 2 shirts or more, the 3rd one is half price!

Hollister Shirt, worn but in good condition. size M $5.00

Pink abercrombie kids tshirt. worn but in good condition. size XL. $5.00

Grey Womens Abercrombie tshirt, size XS.
worn but in good condition. $5.00

Aero tshirt. Size XS.
worn but in good condition. $5.00

Puma Tshirt. Size M, womens.
worn but in good condition. $5.00

I will have more items posted up on a later date
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Happy Birthday [Sep. 26th, 2006|08:01 am]
Happy 17th Birthday to ME =)
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2006|08:47 pm]
Hmm..well i really dont know why i made a LJ, but yeah haha.
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